7 Effective Ways to Understand Metaphysics through YouTube


Understanding Metaphysics through YouTube, an arm of philosophy that transcends the tangible to investigate notions such as existence, reality, and universal nature, may seem intimidating to novices. Nonetheless, platforms like YouTube have made the comprehension of metaphysics more accessible. This article endeavors to provide a comprehensive understanding of metaphysics and how YouTube can be instrumental in this endeavor.

An Introduction to Metaphysics: A Concise Overview

Metaphysics is frequently referred to as the “primary philosophy”. It delves into the basic nature of reality, examining the correlation between mind and matter, substance and attribute, and possibility and actuality. The term “metaphysics” is derived from two Greek words that collectively mean “after physics”. The term is thought to have its roots in Aristotle’s works, which were listed post his physics writings.

Understanding Metaphysics through YouTube

YouTube’s Significance in Grasping Metaphysics

YouTube, with its vast content spectrum, has become indispensable in understanding metaphysics. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the topic, profound lectures from esteemed philosophers, or even animated explanatory videos to simplify complicated theories, YouTube caters to all needs.

Top-notch YouTube Channels for Grasping Metaphysics

There are several YouTube channels committed to elucidating metaphysical notions. Some channels are distinguished by their content quality and approach to the topic:

  • Wisecrack: Wisecrack uses a fun yet informative approach to metaphysics. Their videos frequently use pop culture references to break down complex metaphysical notions, making it easily comprehensible for the typical viewer.

  • The School of Life: This channel offers a variety of videos on philosophy, including metaphysics. They present their content in a simple way, making it approachable for viewers with minimal or no prior knowledge of the subject.

  • Crash Course: Renowned for their educational content across various topics, Crash Course also offers an extensive playlist on philosophy, including metaphysics.

  • Wireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi): Wi-Phi’s goal is to introduce people to the practice of philosophy by creating videos that are freely available in a form that is entertaining, fascinating, and accessible to people with no background in the subject.

Effective Utilization of YouTube for Learning Metaphysics

While YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning metaphysics, it’s crucial to use it effectively. Here are some tips to optimize your learning experience:

  • Establish a Study Routine: Regular video viewing can reinforce learning. Design your study schedule and adhere to it.

  • Note Taking: While viewing videos, note down key points. This will aid in remembering and understanding the concepts better.

  • Interact with the Content: Like, share, and comment on videos. Engaging with the content can amplify your understanding and provide diverse viewpoints on the topic.

  • Use Playlists: Use playlists curated by channels. They often categorize videos based on topics or complexity levels, making it easier for you to follow your learning path.


In conclusion, YouTube has democratized the learning of metaphysics. With a wealth of resources available at a click, anyone can plunge into the world of metaphysics and explore its complexities. Whether you’re a keen beginner or a philosophy student looking for more profound content, YouTube has something for everyone. If you wish to continue your journey of the comprehensive study of metaphysics understanding the philosophical discipline, follow this link.

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